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Architectural review- AR House Award Shortlist 2021: Marfa Suite

AN Interior Top 50 Architects 2021 Best in Class – DUST

2021 Jeff Harnar Award – Top Prize for Contemporary Architecture in the Southwest – Casa Caldera

Tau Sigma Delta Upsilon Chapter (Texas Tech University) – 2019 Silver Medals for Distinction in Design- Cade Hayes and Jesús Robles

Rice Design Alliance Spotlight Award 2019

AIA Arizona 2018 Merit Award – Component Design, Wildlife Pavilion

AIA Southern Arizona 2018 Honor Award – Component Design, Wildlife Pavilion

AIA Western Mountain Region 2018 Honor Award – Design Excellence, Casa Caldera

AIA Western Mountain Region 2018 Merit Award – Design Excellence, Tucson Mountain Retreat

AIA Western Mountain Region 2018 Citation Award – Design Excellence, Wildlife Pavilion

AIA Arizona 2017 Honor Award – Distinguished Building, Tucson Mountain Retreat

AIA Arizona 2017 Merit Award – Distinguished Building, Casa Caldera

Roy P. Drachman Award for Excellence in Architecture – Casa Caldera, Tucson Arizona, 2017.

World Architecture News. WAN House of the Year 2016 for Casa Caldera

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Casa Caldera selected as one of six finalists in the Individual Housing Category for the 2016 Terra Awards first International Prize for Contemporary Earthen Architecture.

Record Houses 2016. Casa Caldera. Architectural Record, April 2016

Casa Caldera selected as one of 40 finalists for the Terra Award for Earthen Architecture.

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Architectural Digest names DUST one of 10 emerging firms to watch in 2015.

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Roy P. Drachman Award for Excellence in Architecture. Tucson, Arizona, 2012.

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Speaking Engagements


Design Leadership Alliance TTU, 2023 Design Awards Juror – Cade Hayes

Buildner Competitions – Rammed Earth Pavilion Juror 2023 – Jesus Robles

DUST Keynote Speaker – Texas Society of Architects Conference, El Paso Texas, October 2022

DUST Architects Interview on Creative Mornings, June 2022. Watch Online

DUST Lecture- American University of Sharjah in Dubai, March 23. Watch Online

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute School of Architecture – Troy New York, February 2022, Lecture Recording

Sedona Summit- Design Leadership Network, November 2021

Omaha Nebraska Chapter AIA Lecture, December 2021 

Earthen Construction Initiative. Virtual, September 2021

2021 TXA Design Conference – Shelter in Place

UNLV AIAS Off the Clock w/ Jesús Robles, Virtual, November 2020

Jesús Robles juror for The Architect’s Newspaper 2020 Best of Design Awards. Online

Southern Arizona AIA Virtual Home Tour, Casa Caldera, June 2020

Dallas AIA Unbuilt Awards Juror, Jesús Robles, May 2020.  Fellow Jurors – Jen Maigret, Inanc Eray

Escuela Libre de Architectura, Virtual, April 2020

AIA Arizona 2019 Awards Chairs – Cade Hayes, Jesús Robles

CRAN 2019 Symposium, Scottsdale, AZ. Sept 12-15 2019

Texas Tech University College of Architecture, Tau Sigma Delta, Silver Medal Award Lecture. April 15 2019

2019 Lyceum Fellowship Juror – Cade Hayes, March 2019.  Fellow Jurors – Joshua Aidlin, David Darling, Ronald Rael, Brigitte Shim

Rice Design Alliance Spotlight Award, Houston Texas, Mies Van De Rohe addition to MFA. February 19. Interview

The School of Architecture at Taliesin, Taliesin West March 28, 2018

Penn State Stuckemen School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. October 2017

AIA Dallas : Design Matters, Dallas, Texas, September 18 2017

University of Texas Arlington, Arlington, Texas September 18 2017

Cade participated as a juror for the 2017 Austin AIA Design Awards in April 2017

Mississippi State University, Starkville Mississippi. November 11 2016

Latinos in Architecture of AIA San Antonio / San Antonio College, San Antonio, Texas. September 16 2016

AIA Redwood Empire Chapter, Sonoma, California. October 2016.

Architectural Record Innovation Conference, San Francisco, CA, June 2016

Texas Society of Architects. TxA Design Conference: Designing + Building, Amarillo Texas, February 2016

Texas Tech University College of Architecture, Lubbock Texas, February 2016.

Marfa Architecture and Design Symposium, September 2015.

ArchDaily Interviews: Jesús Robles/DUST. May 2014.

AIGA Speaker Symposium on Design Inspiration. Tucson, Arizona, September 2014.

Morgan State University. February 2013.

Maryland Institute College of Art, (MICA) – Baltimore Maryland, February 2012.

University of Arizona – Tucson, Arizona, May 2012.

Marfa Architecture and Design Symposium, November 2012.

Dallas Chapter AIA – Unbuilt Jury Awards. August 2011.

Morgan State University – Baltimore, Maryland. February 2011.

Maryland Institute College of Art, (MICA) – Baltimore, Maryland. February 2011.